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About Me (See this picture on flickr)

“Tell me about yourself.”

I have always dreaded this question. It doesn’t matter which setting I’m in - a social gathering, an interview, or while traveling - I invariably become visibly flabbergasted when people introduce themselves to me which is followed by the silent expectation that I’d return the favor and say something about myself.

So to solve this little problem of mine, I came up with this unoriginal idea. Maybe I should make a website and put everything that goes on in my little mind out there so that whenever someone asks me to perform this horrendous task of saying something about myself, I’ll simply point them towards “The Lazy Oxymoron” and say - that’s me.

I know, how genius of me!

Now, if you have managed to read this far without rolling your eyes too much, I’ll tell you something about myself.

I am Siddhartha. Although most of my friends know me by my nickname ‘Golu’ - which is also part of my full name btw - but that’s a story for some other time. I am currently working as a Software Developer at Intel, Bangalore. I love technology and everything associated with it and am deeply invested in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in particular.

I am passionate about a lot of things, which by its nature, leads me to become anxious a lot because I can’t fulfill them all. I love reading books (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, magazines - pretty much anything) and have a tiny but increasing library at home. Music, drawing, and photography are some of the things that I don’t have a lot of talent for, nevertheless, I find them to be great creative stimulants, and so I dabble here and there with my amateur hands. Whenever I find the time - or rather I absolutely make the time to do this - I travel. You’ll often hear people say this, so much that it might’ve started sounding like bullshit, but it’s true - traveling changes you. I can get carried away with this, so to keep it manageable let’s stop here.

If you want to get in contact with me, the easiest way would be to take the old fashioned way - drop me a mail at sid@thelazyoxymoron.me. I promise I’ll reply. Or shoot me a message at @thelazyoxymoron:kde.org. You can find a list of gpg keys associated with my account here, if you wish to verify whether I’m really me!

Or you can connect with me on following social media sites, but expect some delay in the response:

Let’s hope we meet somewhere out in the real life. Until then, grind on!


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